Combined excellence

With combined passions for good food, social community, nature, arts and culture, and last but not least: a love for teaching we offer one weeks workshop this year.
You will learn how to develop your own work in the landscape, en plein air, just as the old master.
With private instructions, and guidance.

Tanvi Pathare
Georgina Stanley
Joakim T.S. Bergström

A love for teaching

A week of personal development in how to paint landscapes. In the heart of the French Alps: Méribel. Where both Mountain tops, rivers, lovely chapels and forest surrounds us.

The workshops curriculum is organized to suit all,

no matter backround or level, gender or age.

That's not all.

From the Impressionists and Realists.

The methods we are teaching in Méribel is a combined knowledge from Tanvi & Joakim. Their philosophies and methods are rooted in The French Impressionists ideas, and the traditional realist landscape painters. However, patience and determination with a love for nature and painting is the soul of both of their philosophies.

"I am installed in a fairylike place. I do not know where to poke my head; everything is superb, and I would like to do everything, so I use up and squander lots of color, for there are trials to be made."

Claude Monet

There's something so special with painting

We are all excited to be organizing this workshop yet again!
Georgina is officially hosting and is getting creative with the cooking and other activities. Joakim and Tanvi are the official instructors of the landscape painting during the week. All three of us are working artists and passionate about creativity and our love for art.


"You might only be in your thirties but you paint like if you were eighty, that's a compliment"

Plein Air French Alps - A landscape painting workshop

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